Baldwin Upright pianos


The Baldwin pianos were founded by Dwight Baldwin in 1862 but the first batch was introduced in 1890.He was a celebrated organ and violin teacher. He built both the grand and upright pianos. He produced his first pianos in the United States but eventually started exporting to UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and other western countries. The business weathered the storms of the financial depression but was severely affected by the Second World War due to a ban on piano manufacture by the US government as all the factories were to produce weaponry and arsenal. Today Baldwin is the largest piano manufacturer in the United States. Its brands are highly revered and are quite expensive.

Some of the Baldwin model grands include:

Baldwin US grands:

Model SF10E concert grand

Model SD10 concert grand

Model R1 artist grand

Model M1 Artist grand

Model L1 Artist grand

Model 227E artist grand

Model 226E Artist grand

Model 225E Artist grand

There are also digital brands which include:

Model RP380

Model RP 350

Model RG5700P

Model RG380

Baldwin upright piano models

Baldwin import verticles: These include:

Baldwin BZ242 series

Baldwin BZ243 series

Baldwin BZ247 series

Baldwin BZ252 series

Baldwin BH110 series

Baldwin BH112 series

Baldwin BH112 series

Baldwin BH 115 series

Baldwin BH 121 series.

Baldwin US verticals. These include:

Baldwin model 2000E

Baldwin Model 248E

Baldwin Model 5000E

Baldwin model 660E

Baldwin model 6000E

Baldwin retired verticals. These include:

Baldwin Model 5000E

Baldwin Model 248E

Baldwin Model 243E

Baldwin Model 2000E

D.H Baldwin 560 series

D.H Baldwin 570 series

The Hamilton H310 series

The Hamilton H350 series

The Hamilton H360 series

The Hamilton H370 series

Checking the age of your Baldwin

The age of a Baldwin piano is checked by looking at the serial number in the piano and then comparing it with the date of manufacture. Serial numbers are made corresponding to certain years of manufacture and therefore you should have a serial number index to help you.

How to buy a Baldwin upright piano

Before buying a Baldwin upright piano make sure you do thorough research on its price, quality and the various kinds of models available. It is advisable for you to search online on the relevant websites so as to compare prices. Prices in UK, US, France, Netherlands and other western countries are cheaper when compared to other countries. However with the rising imports from China you are also likely to find cheap Chinese imports. Make sure that you ascertain its quality. You can also seek professional appraisal if you can afford their services.

Maintenance of an upright Baldwin Piano

Baldwin upright pianos should be constantly refurbished and refinished to make sure that the strings are tight and the frame is strong. It is advisable to check the strings tightness especially as it affects the quality of the sound produced. It is advisable that you take the piano for tuning every six months. Make sure the frame is not exposed to any other forces such as a child sitting on it as this shortens the life of the piano. Remember that a well maintained piano can last more than 150 years.