Knabe Upright Piano

The Knabe upright piano was one of the most widely used piano in the Victorian ages. Many modern-day Knabe uprights heavily rely on the design, quality, and durability of their predecessors. Certified piano technicians estimate that the Knabe upright pianos have a history of over 200 years ever since production started in 1800’s. Some of the old models, still adored by piano enthusiasts can easily be found at piano museums and galleries. The serial numbers found in some of the pianos indeed attest to the fact that they are the pioneers in the piano industry.

The good old Knabe upright piano was the brainchild of Wilhelm Knabe, a German national who immigrated to the United States after receiving formal training in piano making and cabinet joinery. After working for Henry Harrge for a few years in Baltimore, Knabe founded his own company dealing with buying, selling, and repairing pianos. The company has undergone much metamorphosis throughout the years, and is presently part of Samick Piano Company of Korea. But it is this company which first introduced the Knabe upright pianos in the 1800’s. The pianos are best remembered for their excellent sound and outstanding cabinetry. Indeed, the Victorian Knabe pianos won several recognition awards and accolades of many.

The Knabe upright pianos have all the beauty, tone, and superior craftsmanship that are characteristic of contemporary quality pianos of their kind. The pianos are designed to compliment the voice of a singer during choral concerts. Knabe upright pianos rely heavily on the use of age proven premium methods of building to design its pianos. For example, the Knabe WKV-118 47’’ come with a solid spruce soundboard to ensure that it produces the most beautiful tones and dynamic sound. It has full length ribs and its bridges are hand notched, pre-crowned, and maple-capped. Its black key tops are made of ebony and bubinga. The exclusive, dark tone used is still favored by many after 200 years since it was first used on Knabe upright pianos and grand pianos. This serves to show the extent of quality craftsmanship invested in the design and production of the Knabe upright pianos.

To prove their superior quality, Knabe upright pianos were extensively used by world renowned musicians and music lovers. For example, Albert Einstein owned a Knabe piano. Brigham Young kept 3 Knabe upright pianos at his home in Salt Lake City due to his love for the instruments. The Metropolitan Opera house in New York used the Knabe piano for over 40 years. Elvis Presley’s preference of a white Knabe grand piano shows that indeed Knabe products, including the Knabe upright pianos, are of high quality.

The traditional Knabe upright pianos are being redesigned by Samick Piano Company to produce the best quality pianos in the market today. Based on modern-day state-of-the art technology and centuries of experience in craftsmanship, Knabe upright pianos are in their own exclusive class. Among the upright models on offer include WKV 118R AOST Renaissance Oak Satin Vertical, WKV 118 R CHLP Traditional Cherry Lustre, and WKV 131 MD EDST Ebony Satin Vertical.