Second hand Piano

Second hand pianos have found wide usage all over the world due to the high costs involved in buying new pianos. A new model of Kawai K2 upright piano can cost up to £4000 while a slightly used one can go for as low as £2,500. Pianos are known to fall steeply in value once they leave the showroom. The value of a piano stabilizes at around 60 percent of purchase value within the first three to five years. Since pianos have a distinct advantage of a long lifetime, usually pegged at 50 years, sometimes it pays to shop for second hand pianos. Often, an individual shopping for a second hand piano can get an instrument of his preference at a much cheaper price than he would if he was shopping for a brand new piano.

There are many piano stores dealing with second hand pianos. For example, Second hand Hamilton and Howard pianos can be found in the virtual shop known as The Virtual Pianoshop, which allows registered users to buy and sell their second hand pianos online. However, caution must be exercised at all times to avoid purchasing low quality pianos. One should only consider buying nearly new pianos, or those that have completely been overhauled and repaired by a professional. Besides buying from a professional tuner or technician, second hand pianos must always bear specific warranties, same as new ones.

A history check should always be done on the second hand pianos before purchase is made. If it possible, the buyer should first ascertain details about the previous owner, how long the piano has been in use, and the reasons for disposing it. Unless completely rebuilt, pianos that have been used by learning institutions, music theaters, public places, and churches should not be considered for purchase as second hand pianos. This is because such pianos may have been used extensively, and any repairs done on them may only be cosmetic to achieve the objective of disposing them off. An interested person can also purchase good second hand grand piano from an individual who is moving to a smaller home. That notwithstanding, any second hand piano must be thoroughly checked if one is to avoid wasting money.

It is always advisable to buy second hand pianos from a physical piano store rather than buying from an online facility. The condition of the second hand piano is of paramount importance, and therefore it is only imperative that you buy the piano from a place where you can touch, hear, and feel it. In the same light, a second hand piano should always be tuned once it is safely put in the house. Indeed, the buyer should let it “settle down” for some few days before inviting the services of a professional technician to tune it up. The piano strings must be harmonized once again due to the bumps experienced during transportation. The services offered by the professional must be paid for, and therefore the buyer must factor in such costs before purchasing the second hand piano. A buyer will surely get the best value for his money when the above factors are kept in mind.

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