Wurlitzer Upright Piano


Wurlitzer is an American company which started by making stringed instruments. It is renowned for its production of high quality pianos. Among them is Wurlitzer string less electric piano. Wurlitzer took the upright piano design from Benjamin Miessner and replaced the strings with the reeds. Wurlitzer upright piano was launched to the market in the year 1955 as the EP-110 model. These models were improved to EP-111, EP-112 and continued being augmented up to the year 1982 when the EP invention was put to a stop. Wurlitzer upright piano has removable parts such as legs. They are portable and have a unique feature since the pedal is usually attached to the Bowden cable. In other pianos, the pedal is completely fixed.

The Wurlitzer upright piano produces a quality hollow-like sound especially when gently played by a professional. Even in a band with guitar, drums and bass, the upright piano has a unique and distinctive sound. It is very famous with country musicians since it is slow and clear. The metal reeds should not be hard played to avoid wrong tones. For maintenance purposes, bee wax can be applied to the reeds to fix tuning ability.

There are several Wurlitzer upright piano users due to its quality tunes. The users include bright eyes, Jenny Lewis, blood brothers band, Medeski Martin and wood amongst many others. There are recorded examples of songs which featured Wurlitzer upright pianos such as Usher’s “that is why its made for”, three dog night in the “joy to the world”, “mama told me not to come” and Carl Weathersby’s “Feels Like Rain”

There are various models of Wurlitzer upright piano and the prices are affordable. There are different prices for different countries. The following pianos prices are quoted in USA. Wurlitzer upright pianos in Germany, China, and India might cost differently. There is:

  • Wurlitzer Upright Piano- Mint- Solid Wood for $3.00
  • 1928 Wurlitzer upright piano for $9.99.
  • Piano Wurlitzer Upright for $25.00
  • Wurlitzer console upright piano GREAT STARTER PIANO for $599.99.
  • Wurlitzer Baby upright Piano in New Jersey for $8500
  • Used Wurlitzer upright piano for $499.00
  • Wurlitzer Vertical upright piano w/bench for $100.00
  • 2000 Wurlitzer Model C143 Baby upright Piano White Ebony for $4,300.

Most of the piano sales offers have deadlines. Some offers lasts for one month and others for only for a few days. It is therefore important to make a quick decision before you are locked out of the deal. You can also purchase pre-owned Wurlitzer pianos for a better price. Browse through the websites and buy an old but reliable Wurlitzer upright piano online. Some websites offer free delivery services and a warrantee is reliable. For most used Wurlitzer upright pianos, you might be required to place a bid for it. If the given time elapses the seller chooses a winning bid and hands over the piano. Wurlitzer pianos are preferred by many companies some of them being Gulbrasen pianos, Hamilton pianos founded in Chicago, Sohmer pianos, Brambach and Howard pianos

For more detailed information, you can visit an upright piano website where models appear as links. Once you place the cursor on the model and click on it you get all the information you need about the model you are interested in.